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  • Parents should enquire for the forms & availability of seats at the School Reception before hand to avoid inconvenience

  • Detailed information about the dates of Submission of Forms,  Result Declaration, Parental & Child Interaction will be provided in the website. 

  • Decision by the management will be final regarding Selection & Admission.

  • Mere Registration does not guarantee admission

  • No recommendations will be entertained.

Parents & Students

  • Fee must be submitted before 15th of the following months:

    • First term fees: Before 15th June​

    • Second term fees: Before 15 September

    • Third tern fees: Before 15 February

  • The fee after the due date will be accepted along with the fine of Rs. 50/- per month (including the running month)

  • Annual fee is a onetime payment at the beginning of the academic session. Pupils who fail to clear fees/dues will be debarred from sitting in the examinations. 

  • The Tuition fee and other dues, dates and the mode of collection of the fees are liable to be revised as necessity arises. 



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