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Socio-Cultural Show

Kristo Jyoti High School time to time organise a socio-cultural show in school to celebrate the  diversity of our rich culture and tradition. We provide a plateform to showcase talent and foster a sense of community among our students, teachers and parents.

Our school aims to celebrate our diversity and inclusivity. We encourage a sense of unity and respect among all participants and attendees, regardless of their backgrounds.

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Science Exhibation

Science & Art Exhibition

A science and art exhibition in school is an event that showcases the creative and intellectual talents of students in the fields of science and art. It provides an opportunity for students to display their projects, experiments, artwork, and innovative ideas to a wider audience, including fellow students, teachers, parents, and the community. Such exhibitions promote learning, creativity, and interdisciplinary thinking.


Students play a vital role within the educational system and society at large. Their roles extend beyond the classroom and have a significant impact on personal development, the education system, and the future workforce.

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